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by Lara Hocheiser May 19, 2020 4 min read

Author Spotlight

By Amber Knight, Flow and Grow Children's Yoga Teacher Trainee 




Wow, it’s a little hard to believe it -- I am a little more than a month into my 95-Hour Kids Yoga Teacher training. I have completed four of my classes for this program virtually. Pandemic Life! There are about 10-12 of us from all walks of life going through this whole process together.  It has become a special part of my week. I look forward to seeing everyone’s face every class. I have been lucky to have Lara as my guide on this journey, but also very lucky for my classmates; each class has been full of wonderful people that bring great ideas, some fears, and so many strengths to our class discussions. 





Foundations Class -- my experience

The Kids Foundations Class was very informative and really started us out on a positive foot forward to create lessons for our classrooms, kids studio classes or for our own children (especially now!). While doing my videos for this class (which were filmed in my child’s room), I forgot my deck of my Flow and Grow yoga cards on her bookcase, leaving them scattered. Through the weeks she started to find them, and organically studied and tried the poses. When she was able to form a more difficult pose to her liking; she would run to my husband and I to show us. 

She felt so proud and confident in herself. This made me even more excited about bringing more and more yoga to the children in my life. And I’ve felt ready; Lara really set us up for success in this class with examples, lesson plans and background information. Although I would have loved to do this class in person, the virtual class group was truly inspirational. No matter what was going on out in the world, we continued to want to make it better. 

I went into the last day with mixed emotions; I was happy to complete another module of our program, but sad that some attending would not continue on with us in the remaining modules. They had become a part of my Saturday mornings. I will wonder how their classes will go and what style they will grasp onto. Good luck to them in whatever you choose to do! I hope that we meet again and are able to catch up on how we are all doing.




The modules continue on

Continuing on with the modules, I really can’t say enough positive words about the Self-Care Class. So far, this class has really spoken to me. I wish I had had options for programs like these in my adolescence.  I think that now more than ever we must focus on self-care and be aware how our bodies and minds are reacting to situations around us -- especially our youth, no matter what age. This class gave us tools to help kids start building their foundations for their own positive self-care. The program helps us to easily integrate it into our yoga classes and gave us clear examples of techniques that allow kids to continue their self-care at home. 

When we are able to give kids the tools they need to handle stress in their lives, they are more likely to have better outcomes in their emotional, physical and mental well-being. One thing is not a fix-all, so why not over pack their toolbox with positive ideas? I know that all the modules are just as important as the next, but for me personally, this one will forever better my own practice and teaching.  I look forward to continuing my education in this area a lot.

Our Lesson Planning Class was great! Lara really set us up! Our manuals came with great examples and lesson set-ups. Just one of the many great things about these lessons is that you can do as little or as much as you want, mix with other lessons or do your own thing completely. The class gave me the chance to see how I can deepen my own lessons for each age group by bringing in readings, class themed projects, special sequences or safe group chats for the kids. Lara gives you the confidence to create a positive yoga environment/program that you can be proud of and excited to run. 





It goes on....

As we move onto our next grouping of classes and have left some of our newly-found friendships behind, it comes back to mixed emotions. I know that our world is going to be full of amazing people, all full of exciting ideas to spread their kindness and joy through new tools for their programs/classrooms. Good luck again to everyone! For the rest of us that are continuing on the 95-hour path, I look forward to continuing to get to know and work with each of you Lara - this continues to be such an amazing opportunity that I have not once regretted. I will be sad when it comes to an end, but until then I will take in as much as I can.



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