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by Flow and Grow Kids Yoga

Self-care Saturday has been off to a great start. There is still time to join in! Subscribe below or visit the blogto see all the free downloads, videos, and tips from my heart to yours! Below are a select few SCS links <3 Lara

Don't forget to share the love. Share this page with your friends and use hastag #selfcaresaturday to show the world how you are taking care of yourself during COVID!

Rebuilding well-being together

How can you practice self-care during COVID?

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How can you model and build a sustainable self-care routine for yourself and for the children you care for? As we continue to navigate all the changes and challenges COVID has brought into our lives, #selfcaresaturday is designed to help you practice better self-care by providing a flexible care model for adults and children with easy to plan practices that benefit adults and children, all completely FREE as our gift to you!

With all of the uncertainties and ups and downs we are currently facing, give yourself and the children you love the gift of mindfulness to better navigate this new normal. 

Join our community of parents, educators, clinicians, and caregivers of children as we celebrate #selfcaresaturday starting this September! 

Why self-care?

Self-care teaches us to be kind to ourselves.
The benefits to both kids and adults are profound: such as increased self-knowledge, confidence, and better decision-making skills. Research suggests that the more we practice self-care, the more confident, creative, and productive we are. Self-care encourages you to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself so that you can form healthy relationships with others.