We respect your privacy. We do not share your data with any outside sources and we never sell your data. We use IP addresses for location information. You are welcome to visit the website from an incognito server to block this capability.



We ship our workbooks as quickly as we can. For pre-orders, there will often be some lag time because we must have them printed first. Typically you will receive your order within one week of purchase unless you purchase a pre-order or live outside of the United States, where we have very little control over delivery times.


Terms of Service:

Do not distribute or resell our digital products. You may save digital downloads on a cloud or on your computer. You may print them for your own personal use and for your students. Unless you purchase a larger license, you may not make copies for an entire school or school district. For licensing, please contact us at Lara@flowandgrowkidsyoga.com.


Because customers receive PDF files of our products instantly, we cannot offer refunds. Please read product descriptions. Most of our products are digital downloads that are printable and not physical products.

For trainings, there are no refunds. In some cases, we can put you into another training cohort, and will whenever possible. Please only purchase a training if you are committed to attending. If you must change to another training session, you may  be charged a fee to cover admin costs.