Yoga Poses for Kids: Reverse Warrior


Feel strong and energized in Reverse Warrior.

Reverse Warrior is a strong standing pose that stretches along the side while energizing your entire body. Through this pose, you will feel your body warm up, including your arms, core, and legs. When doing this pose, invite children to make a strong warrior call when lifting your arm to the sky.

We like to use Reverse Warrior in a sequence after Warrior I and Warrior II. Move fluidly through these poses to tap into your inner power and creativity.

Tip: Keep your knee directly above your ankle, making sure not to overextend over your toes.

Yoga Poses for Kids: Reverse Warrior

Pose: Reverse Warrior
Ages: Appropriate for all ages. For younger kids who may have trouble balancing, they can modify the pose by bending the knee slightly.
Mantra: I expand my power.

How to:

  1. From Warrior II, bring your left arm down to rest on your left leg.

  2. Inhale deeply and raise your right arm tall to the sky.

  3. Keep your right knee bent and press into your right heel. Relax your shoulders.

  4. Lift your heart slightly as you feel the backbend. Gaze above you.

  5. Hold the pose for a few seconds and then switch sides.

Additional Exercises with Kids:

  1. Make a warrior call: when lifting your arm to the sky, make your fiercest warrior call

  2. Dancing warrior: create a flow sequence with: Warrior I, Warrior II, and Reverse Warrior

  3. Be a warrior: Talk about what makes you a warrior. What makes you powerful? How does this pose make you feel powerful?


  • Develops balance and concentration

  • Stretches the side of the torso and arm

  • Opens the chest and hips

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