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Yoga Ideas for Math

Yoga Poses and Activities for Early Math Skills

by Lara Hocheiser, Founder

Shapes all around

Yoga shapes can easily lend themselves to early math learning. By simply looking around, you and the children you teach can search for shapes. "What shape is the door?" "Can anyone find a circle?"

By first reviewing shapes, counting their sides, and practicing these early geometry and arithmetic skills, children are connecting with math concepts in a fun, tangible, accessible way.

Kids Yoga Lesson Plan: Shapes!

Shape Hunters

  1. Choose a shape
  2. Show items in that shape such as toys, paper cut into shapes, or everyday items.
  3. Send kiddos to retrieve an item or point to an item resembling that shape
  4. Everyone gets to share their shape
  5. Practice the pose related to that shape

Shapes everywhere

When you strike a pose, look for the shapes in them. In mountain pose, I always think about the body as a straight line - a foundation of most shapes!

Sneak Peak at Activities from the Shapes Lesson Plan: Shape Monsters!!

Make funny, unique monsters out of shapes.

Talk about how different shapes can be used for body parts of your monster! Triangles can be teeth, circles for eyes or even octagons for noses!

  • Construction paper, in various colors
  • Art materials (such as crayons, markers, sequins, pom-poms, etc.)
  • Glue or tape
  • Scissors

Tip! For larger groups or younger children, we recommend pre-cutting various shapes out of construction paper. Cut out shapes in various colors and sizes to make funky-colored monsters.

Leave your comments with your favorite shape activity!