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What it's like to study with Flow and Grow Kids Yoga

April 24, 2020 2 min read

What it's like to study with Flow and Grow Kids Yoga

Author Spotlight

Amber Knight, early childhood educator



Before the pandemic hit the US and everyone was ordered home I was signed up for my first yoga teacher training to begin my kid's yoga career. I was over the moon to say the least that I was starting to find my path. 

I started researching and reviewing some of Lara’s teaching material as I was going to begin my own classes at a preschool I work at. I was so excited to start and bring yoga to our little ones. 

Then the pandemic hit and states started to put staying home orders into place.  My yoga training was canceled. I am not going to lie I was pretty heartbroken. 

I started to contact Lara about the possibility of online courses. She was so open to the idea she just had to figure out logistics. One of my first online classes with her was on mindfulness in the classroom called Integrating Mindfulness Into the School Day. First and foremost it was just nice to see other faces and to share in this collective need that we all felt we wanted to incorporate this positive activity for the children in our lives. Through schools, daycares, scouts or our own children. The mindfulness manual sets you up with great ideas that you can easily incorporate into your daily activities.  One of my favorites is The Star Breathing Method – this simple activity has so many possibilities that also include educational aspects (shapes/colors/counting). 

That is the best part about the manuals is they provide you with starting off points to run a class/activity. You can use them as they are, mix them up or modify to your needs or class theme. Lara sets you up to run a great program. 

I am currently a part of her 95 Hr. RCYT (Registered Children's Yoga Teacher Training) program. I started my online Kids Yoga Teacher Training this past Saturday. Again – I had the same feeling – it was nice to see other faces and to share in this collective need. Not only is it a need to gain knowledge but also I am surrounding myself with an amazing group of positive people that I get to share my time with each week learning from one another.  Thank you, Lara, for this amazing opportunity in a time that any and every positive is needed. 


Note from Flow and Grow Kids Yoga: You can still join the online teacher training, any module from the 95-hour RCYT, or complete the 95-hour training with us. The first class was recorded and you can view it for credit. We finish on June 30, 2020!

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