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by Lara Hocheiser May 29, 2020 2 min read

Summer is here and the sun is strong! For yoga of all ages, Power of the Sun Breath is energizing. It honors the heat and power of the sun, as we literally reach up to it and bring energy back towards our bodies. Let's take a closer look at this powerful breath! 


Tip: Be cautious about overheating with this breath, particularly if you are outside and/or it's very warm outside. Practice 3-5 times, and then do some cooling breaths (such as Lion's Breath, Bumblebee Breath, or simply breathing out for longer than you breathe in). Check in with yourself, and if you don't feel very warm, try this breath 3-5 more times. Also note that children's bodies cannot regulate temperature as effectively as adults' bodies can. If you're an educator, parent, or caregiver practicing this breath with children, watch for red cheeks -- at that point, it's time for cooling breaths and perhaps some cool water. 


 Pose: Power of the Sun Breath 

 Ages: appropriate for toddlers and up  

Mantra: "I am powerful." 


Power of the Sun Breath


How To: 

  1. Stand in Mountain Pose and bring your hands just below your heart and above your belly button. This spot, known as the solar plexus, can store energy and power for you. As you inhale, reach your hands to the Sun and spread out all your fingers. 
  2. At the top of the inhale, imagine grabbing from the Sun’s rays and pulling the energy in.
  3. As you exhale, draw your fists toward your solar plexus. Your elbows will bend and go behind you. 
  4. When your elbows are back and hands are in front of your solar plexus, yell, “HA!”
  5. Repeat several times. Stop after a maximum of 5 repetitions.


Exercises with kids: 

  • Making a Sun Circle -- Practice this breath in a "Sun Circle" with a group of children, to emulate the sun on a spatial level (inside or outside). 
  • Goodnight and Good Morning to the Sun -- Go outside at sunrise or sunset and practice this breath to greet the sun as it rises or say "goodnight" to it as it sets.
  • Solar System -- With older children who are learning about the solar system, do a science lesson integration by having different children represent different planets in our solar system, as they all practice this breath. As the planets can thank the Sun for warming them, so can we thank it for warming us and allowing for all life of Earth. 



  • Energizes and heats the body (monitor overheating on warm days) 
  • Strengthens lung capacity 
  • Brings a sense of empowerment
  • Builds a connection with nature and natural cycles 

Conscious, intentional breath is an accessible tool for introducing children to mindfulness. Flow and Grow Kids Yoga can help you learn how to integrate it into home life or the school day! 


Intergrating Mindfulness School Day

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