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Thanksgiving Yoga and Mindfulness

November 25, 2019 1 min read

Thanksgiving Yoga and Mindfulness

For many, Thanksgiving is filled with family traditions -- baking pies, dinner, football, shopping, and family time. This year, why not add a new tradition filled with yoga and mindfulness? Not only will kids get the physical benefit of exercise, but they will learn calming techniques that are perfect for the busy holiday season!

Here are some ways you can form those traditions.

Practice a yoga sequence together before bed.

Are your kids overly excited before a holiday? We've all been there! Try a calming yoga routine before bed to get rid of those jitters. 

Express gratitude

Before bed or first thing in the morning -- talk about what you are thankful for. It could be anything! A person, a place, a memory... just one thing you are grateful for. Use our free gratitude worksheet!

Get creative

Try something new together! Come together as a family or class and try a Thanksgiving craft or coloring pages. Get your creativity flowing and enjoy the company of others.


Thanksgiving Day can be stressful with everything going on. Take a moment to stop and breathe between tasks. Try our 5 Breath Space Maker.

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