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by Lara Hocheiser November 27, 2020 3 min read


Did you know that having a special place for children to go when they are troubled can result in better behavior outcomes, more self-awareness and self-reliance?


Trust leads to big results for kids

BUT and there is a big BUT... we need to trust kids to know when they need space. We need to teach them how to verbalize when they need some space. AND we need to teach them where to go when they need time to calm and center themselves before coming back to the activity at hand, whether they are in the home or classroom. 


Expectations leads to success

If we create clear expectations around HOW kids can use their sanctuary space or peace corner in the home or classroom, they will use it responsibly. 


Make simple rules such as:

- You can use the peace corner once per class if needed to deal with big emotions

- You can use it quietly

- Please respect the objects there 

- Put everything back where you found them


What do you need in your peace corner?

Well, that depends on the needs you or the children you love have. Consider their sensory needs. Might they need something to touch, smell, see, and perhaps taste? 

Here is an example of my daughter’s peace corner, it includes smooth stones, a squishy toy, and soft pom poms to touch. She has a sage spray to smell, and a breathing ball to touch and look at. It includes a few short books for encouragement, and some yoga cards to calm or energize. She also has a glitter jar she made to calm and focus her mind.


Check out our video on how to set up a peace corner! 

What might you include in your peace corner and why? 


Products in this week’s peace corner video:

Mindful Moments Cards

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Do the children in your life need convincing that they need more rest? Here’s agreat guide from kidshealth.org, by Dr. Rupal Christine Gupta, that’s written to be accessible for kids. It explains how much sleep kids typically need and why, what happens when you sleep, and how to get more restful sleep.   


What’s coming next week?

In the spirit of practicing what we preach when it comes to rest, we’re taking a holiday pause! We’ll be back with more free self-care tips and resources, coming right to your inbox! 

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Want to learn more about teaching mindfulness & self-care to children? 

The Foundations of Children’s Yoga

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