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by Lara Hocheiser July 21, 2020 2 min read

By Lara Hocheiser, Flow and Grow Kids Yoga Founder and Teacher Trainer 

Last Thursday, we wrapped up the Self-Care for Children module. It's one of eleven modules in our 95-hour Children's Yoga Teacher Training. Trainees received manuals with a framework for Self-Care for Children -- one that includes meditation, rest, breath, movement, nutrition, pro-social activities, and more. It came with more than 10 worksheets that children can use. Trainees also received the My Body and Caring for Myself curriculum, to have a yoga practice lesson plan unit revolving around the self-awareness and introspection that's at the heart of yoga and mindfulness practice. 

Participants broke into groups to discuss the children and settings they teach in. Each person determined how self-care would factor into their classes. For example, the early childhood teachers would sprinkle this knowledge throughout their classes. Tween and teen teachers would make workshops and retreats on the topic. It was amazing to see the many applications across the span of life.

Each person was encouraged to re-examine their relationship to self-care as life has changed during COVID. We believe that teaching begins with our own practice, wellness, and personal development. So, as teachers, it's important to be mindful of and consistent with our own self-care.  

If you missed it and want to participate, you can catch the re-play by registering. We will send you the content and video links! Reply here, email lara@flowandgrowkidsyoga.com, or visit the training page on our website to get signed up for the next time we teach this course -- within a 95-hour Children's Yoga Teacher framework, starting in October 2020. Sign up for any course and you can catch the Spring session replay at your convenience, or join us live. Simply let us know you preference!  

Next up in the 95-hour children's yoga teacher is the Lesson Planning module. Learn how to design formal and informal lesson plans that are appropriate across different settings in which we find children. Learn to design your own content and receive over $75.00 worth of lesson plans, including the Year of Yoga and Love and Compassion for Teens.

Can't make it live? Register and we can send you the recordings from spring, as well as the content. Take advantage of our BOGO30 deal! Or join us in the fall! We're here to help and make your journey more enjoyable, fruitful, and fulfilling. 


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