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by Lara Hocheiser December 20, 2022 2 min read

Christmas Classic Plus Yoga Fun - All in One!

Fun for anyone that has or works with kids in any capacity!

12 days of yoga product image


Inclusive Family Fun

This activity is challenging enough to keep big kids interested, and sweet and fun enough for young children. The 12 Days of Yoga Christmas Carol is inclusive activity for all ages and abilities.

Hint: If someone can't do poses, they can sing. If they can't sing, they can try to do poses or cheer others on. Someone  can show the yoga cards. Someone can help with the lyrics! Everyone can participate in their own way. This activity is designed for many types of learners and participation. All forms of participation are valuable!


How to play the 12 Days of Christmas Yoga Game - pointers

      1. Sing the 12-Days of Christmas song at the slow pace to allow for the transition from one pose to another.
      2. Practice each pose individually before you put them all together.
      3. Drink water after you play.
      4. Praise the effort not the perfection of the poses or order of poses. All kids have different strengths.

Sing and Play!

Everyone can sing along to the word of this classic song. Even in my non-Christian household, we love this activity, song, and sequence.


12 days of christmas lyrics


Make breathing fun!

Included in this lesson plan are several mindfulness and breathing activities!


the 12 days of yoga breathing and mindfulness activities



Tons of poses!

From frog to airplane to locust to tree, enjoy this challenging yoga sequence!

Yoga Poses in this set: cow pose, tree pose, eagle pose, airplane pose, crescent lunge pose, frog squat pose, chair pose, goddess pose, cat pose, cow pose, dancer pose, and warrior 2 pose.

the 12 days of yoga christmas game


Let us know how you like this family and school favorite lesson plan and activity pack! Includes 12 pose cards, song lyrics with poses, breathing activities and meditations, and coloring pages!

Benefits of kids yoga and holiday themes:

  • Improves Coordination (singing and moving through poses! wow that's a lot of concentration!)
  • Including traditions into learning makes it memorable
  • Normalizes doing hard things
  • Includes all kinds of learners - visual, musical, kinesthetic, reading/writing learners and more
  • Because people can do different roles, it is inclusive! (Sing, read, do poses, hold the cards, be a helper, etc!)

Please leave a comment sharing how you enjoy this activity!

Check out a school doing the 12 Days of Christmas Yoga - a slightly different version, enjoy!

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