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Animal Adventure Yoga Cards For Kids

Kids Yoga Animal Poses

Who doesn’t love animals? Kids will love flowing through movement while pretending to be an animal! Pretend to be a Cat, Cow, Frog, Turtle, Camel, and Flamingo with our animal yoga cards and printable activities. 

What's included

Printable Animal Yoga Cards
Learn six (6) yoga poses with our Animal Adventure Yoga Cards. Written for kids, each card comes with easy-to-follow illustrations and step-by-step instructions. Use the yoga deck to teach a full sequence, learn individual poses, play games, or leave the cards in your peace corner when kids want a moment. 

Crafts and Coloring Pages
Also included is a craft and coloring page section to get kids creative with our animal theme. Mindfully color and craft as a fun activity together! 

This packet includes:
How-to instruction for each yoga pose, written for kids
Six (6) printable yoga cards
Six (6) printable coloring pages
Four (4) craft instructions
Printable journal to reflect on your practice
How-to instruction for each yoga pose, written for kids

How to use

download, print, cut out where appropriate. Follow printing instructions. Teach based on the content or as you wish.

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