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Founded by Lara Hocheiser, Flow and Grow Kids Yoga was founded in 2012 in Boston, Massachusetts. Lara, and continue to provide programming, educational materials, and training around the globe.

Led by Lara, Flow and Grow has reached over 50 schools, 500 adult learners, 10,000 children across the states and globe.

Lara Hocheiser is the author of the book “Mindfulness for Beginners: Mindful Moment to Bring Clarity and Calm to Your Morning, Day, and Night,” on sale through all major book sellers May 2021.

She is also the author of the My Yoga Workbook series. 

Lara presented at the National Kids Yoga Conference as a panelist in 2020 on the topic of online teaching and in 2021 on the topic of yoga philosophy. She presented at the conference in April 2021 on the topic of meaningful connections in children’s yoga classes.

All Flow and Grow curriculum is developed with diversity, inclusion, representation, and real learners in mind to assist with learning and embodying the practices.

The illustrations are all by Nafeeza Hassan. Lara Hocheiser is the primary author of content, and we would like to acknowledge the contributors Kathryn Boland, Sara Gottfried, and Ava Dussault.

Our blog is a free, excellent resource, visited by thousands of people each month.

Since the pandemic, we have graduated 45 people from our registered Children’s Yoga School, who have done incredible things in their community. Read our blog to see their monthly stories! Some of our graduates have gone on to launch businesses, to present at major conferences, and to build district-wide school programs.

Our Children’s Yoga School is inclusive, community-oriented, and substantive.

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