"My Body" Yoga Lesson Plan & Student Workbook
"My Body" Yoga Lesson Plan & Student Workbook
"My Body" Yoga Lesson Plan & Student Workbook
"My Body" Yoga Lesson Plan & Student Workbook
"My Body" Yoga Lesson Plan & Student Workbook
"My Body" Yoga Lesson Plan & Student Workbook

What's Included?

  • Teacher’s Manual: 10 lesson plans filled with facilitated discussions, activities, yoga poses, meditations and more.
  • Student Workbook: written for children, a beautiful combination of a body awareness journal and an illustrated yoga practice sequence to care for each body part.
  • Yoga Pose Index: a how-to instruction for 21 yoga poses, breathing exercises and mindfulness activities.
  • Presentation: a slide presentation including yoga poses and activities found in the Teacher’s Manual perfect for viewing on a SmartBoard.

"My Body" Yoga Lesson Plan


Digital Download: This is a PDF digital resource which will be available for download upon purchase!

Learn how to make mindful connections with your body through yoga

Encouraging body awareness and appreciation, this lesson plan teaches little yogis about body parts and how we can care for ourselves. Broken into ten (10) lessons each covering a key body part, we explore how we can use body awareness to learn about our bodies and emotions while gaining valuable exercise. Each body part has accompanying yoga poses, mindful activities, facilitated discussion prompts, and journaling prompts.

Teacher’s Manual and accompanying Student Workbook that kids will love!

"My Body" Lesson Plan gives you everything you need to confidently teach 10 lessons about different body parts. Students will become more aware of their bodies as you guide them to make mindful connections between how body parts may feel and how can we care for ourselves.

Give each student a Student Workbook to learn along and mindfully journal about their experiences. Over time, kids will learn body awareness, self-regulation techniques, and decision-making skills. Imagine your kids regulating big emotions, reducing classroom distractions. Story: I had a student who felt anxious, understood their emotion, and then used the breathing exercises found in this resource.

We also included a presentation, perfect for SmartBoard use and a Yoga Pose Index booklet so you can effectively and confidently teach kids the yoga poses with visual aid. 

Why yoga and body awareness?

For those who have or work with kids know that they are full of big emotions and aren't afraid to display it. Often, kids may not be able to recognize the big emotions they are feeling. Instead, they become anxious, frustrated or angry.

What if yoga and mindfulness could teach our little ones about their emotions? "My Body" Yoga Lesson Plan gives kids the tools to develop body awareness through yoga, mindfulness, and group activities.

With "My Body" Yoga Lesson Plan, kids will:
- Learn about body awareness
- Tone and isolate muscles with our yoga sequences
- Gain the benefits of journaling and reflection
- Explore how to connect breath with movement
- Learn self-regulation techniques to deal with big emotions
- Develop a yoga practice
- Have fun!

Our emotions cause sensations in our bodies. And with mindfulness techniques, kids can learn to identify, process and regulate those emotions through body awareness.

With My Body Yoga Lesson Plan, kids will learn yoga poses and mindful activities to take care of their bodies and emotions.

I developed this resource by breaking down the body into ten key body parts. We focus on yoga poses and activities surrounding each body part (also great for muscle isolation exercises!).

I've also found journaling to be a powerful tool in the classroom. Journaling has many great benefits including helping your children process feelings, build writing skills, and communicate their ideas.

That is why I also created a Student Workbook, so that kids can develop their own practice and journal about their experiences. Our workbook has activities, journal prompts, and yoga sequences.

- I like to start by talking and asking kids about body awareness and how they feel their emotions through bodily sensations (give an example, like butterflies in your stomach)
- Then, I teach a class using the lesson plan. Together, we do the activities and yoga sequence. (Starting slow and going over every yoga pose for beginners or younger children)
- At the end of class, I give my children reflection time where they can do the activities and journaling found in the workbook. 
- Encourage kids to fill out the Daily Practice Journal to track their progress (also teaches accountability!) 
- I also love encouraging kids to do the workbook activities at home so they can develop their own routine.

These lessons plans can be used as a yoga class series, or easily incorporated into the school classroom or at home.

You can even break up individual activities - perfect for transitional activities or brain breaks in the classroom. Parents can even use this lesson plan with their children, just break up the activities and do it together!

In the Teacher’s Manual, you will find:

  • How to teach children about body awareness and mindfulness
  • Ten (10) unique body part experiences, each paired with a combination of meditation, mudra, yoga poses, and/or breathing for each one
  • Group work and fun activities with facilitated questions and discussion prompts
  • Tips for management, when to explore deeper, and when to move on

In the Student Workbook, you will find

  • Ten (10) unique body part experiences, each paired with a combination of meditation, mudra, yoga poses, fun facts and/or breathing for each one
  • Mindful journaling questions for each body part
  • Daily Practice Journals to promote forming #lifelonghealthyhabits
  • Information about how yoga, mindfulness and body awareness can help us take care of ourselves, written for kids

Yoga teachers and educators, enjoy printing as many workbooks as you have students. 

This download includes four (4) PDFs which you can view on your phone, tablet, computer or print out onto paper.

  • Due to the digital nature of this product, there are no returns or refunds.
  • Each license (purchase) is valid for one person or classroom. For bulk orders, please contact us.
  • This PDF file may not be distributed to others

Make mindful connections to our bodies and emotions, and get exercise, too!