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Love and Compassion Yoga Sequence for Tweens/Teens

What's included

This activity packet includes:

  • Yoga pose cards for six (6) shapes and games to play
  • Detailed instruction for the yoga poses, written for kids
  • Facilitated discussion prompts, breathing exercises and a mindfulness activity
  • Crafts and coloring pages related to shapes
  • Shapes Yoga poster
How to use

Let’s Make Shapes! is a 17-page PDF download that you can view on your phone, tablet, computer or print to paper. We recommend you print the cards on card stock in color and laminate for durability.

Feel free to make copies of the cards for the children. If you are working with more than a few groups or want a schoolwide license, please contact us for pricing. 

More info

Teaching your kids love and compassion is a gift that keeps giving. 

Compassion teaches us about empathy and can improve our relationships with ourselves and others. Through that, children can build character and self-confidence. Fostering compassion in children is also one of the best ways to prevent bullying. With compassion, kids decision-making will be rooted in a deep, caring ethic. 

How can we teach our kids about compassion? 

Compassion is a quality that children can learn over time and through practice. We developed three lesson plans so your young yogis can foster love and compassion in three ways:

  • I Love Myself: Use this lesson plan to promote inner love.
  • I Love My Community: Build love, trust, and kindness with friends and family through this lesson plan. 
  • I Love My Planet: Use this lesson plan to build gratitude and love for our planet!

Lesson Plans for Teachers and Parents

In our Educator’s edition, we provide 3 easy-to-follow curriculums for teachers, parents, and anyone else that works with tweens/teens. Each lesson plan is formatted to teach an entire class, including discussion prompts, group activities, yoga movement, guided relaxations, crafts, and coloring pages.

Printable Heart-opening Yoga Cards

Learn six (6) yoga poses with our Love and Compassion Yoga Cards. Written for kids, each card comes with easy-to-follow illustrations and step-by-step instructions. Use the yoga deck to teach a full sequence, learn individual poses, play games, or leave the cards in your peace corner when kids want a moment. 

This packet includes:

  • Three (3) lesson plans to confidently teach a full kids yoga class
  • How-to instruction for each activity, written for kids
  • Six (6) printable yoga cards
  • Six (6) printable coloring pages
  • Facilitated discussion prompts, journaling activities, breathing exercises, crafts, games and additional activities 
  • Printable journal to reflect on your practice

Love and Compassion Yoga Sequence for Tweens/Teens is a 47 page PDF download that you can view on your phone, tablet, computer or print to paper.

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