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Yoga and Mindfulness for Self Regulation Slide Show

Teachers, parents, and guidance counselors enjoy this PowerPoint.
A fusion of yoga, mindfulness, and social-emotional learning.
Prompts, reflection questions, poses, and breathing to employ in times of strong emotions.
We provide context for each activity and self-reflection questions.
  • Learn signs to recognize that my body needs a break
  • Understand the connection between my mind and body including naming my emotions and choosing healthy options to manage them.
  • Learn strategies for managing my strong emotions using yoga and mindfulness tools.
  • Learn 10 yoga and mindfulness activities.

Use on a smart board, any device, or print!

What's included

13 Slide, illustrated, with context and activities that follow social emotional circumstances of self awareness/emotional awareness

How to use

Present on a Smartboard, computer, or device as a slide show. Read and practice each pose and activity with your students or children.

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