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Spring Comes Literacy Integration Lesson Plan

What's included

'When Spring Comes'  Literacy Integration is a 24-page PDF download that you can view on your phone, tablet, computer or print to paper.

How to use

Print and use with children as you read the book 'When Spring Comes'. Book not included.

Bonus content: activity pages can be distributed to each child. Yoga pose page can be cut out into little cards for game play or pose learning.

More info

The story, When Spring Comes by Kevin Hikes, illustrated by Laura Dronzek, is my daughter’s favorite book year-round. It's the perfect story to explore the transition from Winter to Spring. When reading this story to children, they become overjoyed to see the nature and animals related to springtime. They love to pretend and act out the meaning of the story.

About our Literacy Integrations
We love to connect literacy and movement. Children can develop reading skills by combining storytime and yoga while gaining the physical and social-emotional benefits of yoga and mindfulness. Children can experience a new and fun way to learn while moving with a book and yoga mat.

Our lesson plans include yoga sequences that can be infused while you are reading the story out loud. Also included are extension activities, such as coloring pages, breathing exercises, mindfulness activities, and crafts to get creative. We hope that our Literacy Integrations inspire your little ones to love reading and moving!

Make reading fun with yoga!
Use this lesson plan while reading When Spring Comes. This is the perfect way to integrate physical activity and mindfulness into storytime. Each page can be brought to life with our yoga sequence and our beautifully-illustrated yoga cards teach children how to do each yoga pose.

When Spring Comes is filled with imagery, alliteration, and repetition. Through this book, we can teach children these valuable literary devices through facilitated discussions, group activities, and extension exercises included in this lesson plan. Also included are coloring pages, crafts, breathing exercises, mindfulness activities, and more!

Kids Yoga Lesson Plans Make Reading FUN

'When Spring Comes' Lesson Plan is designed for kids ages 4-10 and includes:

  • List of yoga poses, props, and key themes that relate to the story

  • Yoga script to use along with When Spring Comes

  • Breathing exercises, mindfulness activities, and creative crafts for kids

  • Yoga cards and a list of yoga games to play

  • Worksheets and coloring pages that relate to When Spring Comes

Kid's Yoga Poses covered in this lesson:

  • Tree Pose
  • Savasana Pose (Snow melting)
  • Headstand (candlestick)
  • Wind relieving pose
  • Child's pose
  • Mountain Pose (Rain drops)
  • Balancing Pose
  • Frog squat/ Mulasana (bunny hops)
  • Cat pose