My Yoga Workbook: Mindful Bedtime Habits
Kid Yoga Workbook with Coloring Pages
Yoga Cards for Mindful Bedtime

My Yoga Workbook: Mindful Bedtime Habits

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Bring the power of yoga and mindfulness to kids' bedtime routine with My Yoga Workbook: Mindful Bedtime Habits.

Imagine a world where every child turned down the lights, put on their pajamas, and got in the mood to relax. No more fights about bedtime. No more overstimulation. Simply gentle, purposeful rest time to get the mind and body in the mood to relax.

Filled with beautiful illustrations, yoga poses, and coloring pages, My Yoga Workbook: Mindful Bedtime Habits will transform children’s and family’s relationships with bedtime and sleep. Cueing the body for rest with gentle and mindful movement, coloring, and other relaxing activities, nighttime will become something everyone looks forward to.

My Yoga Workbook: Mindful Bedtime Habits is an enriching workbook filled with yoga, mindfulness exercises, coloring pages and activities that kids can use during their bedtime routine.

By: Lara Hocheiser and Nafeeza Hassan
Recommended Age:
 5-12 years
ISBN-10: 1684181453
Pages: 70

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Great Quiet Activity
Best Book Ever
A must-have resource for parents, educators and children's yoga/mindfulness teachers!

Form Mindful Bedtime Habits

Kids will experience the benefit of forming mindful bedtime habits. By getting a good night's rest, it’s easier to think, manage behavior, and make good decisions. Turn off the screens and tune into your own self-care.

Yoga and Mindfulness Activities

Filled with meditations, mindfulness activities, and a full bedtime yoga sequence, made just for kids. Each workbook comes with yoga cards you can cut out and practice before bedtime!

A Beautiful Bedtime Story

Read our beautifully and illustrated written bedtime story that infuses movement and storytelling. Read it together and practice the calming yoga sequence.

Coloring Pages and Crafts

Get creative and crafty with over twenty coloring pages and activities, all about bedtime. Fill out a funny story, color mandalas, connect-the-dots, or make a bedtime catcher to hang up above your bed.

Journal and Reflect

Invite kids to journal and reflect on their bedtime routine every night. Use the Daily Practice Journal and journaling pages to track your progress and reflect how it makes you feel.

Great Gift Idea!

"I sent this book to each of my two nieces, ages 7 and 8. In both cases the girls got right to work and asked their parents to do the yoga practices together. For this age this book has great activities for parent and child to do together - and the parent will enjoy the yoga practice as much as the child! I love the pictures and the gentle, easy way the author communicates. This may become my favorite go-to for gifting friends with grandchildren."
- Sari S.