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Empowering Mindfulness in Schools Slide Show

What you get:

47 slides that educators or clinicians can use to present to schools, staff, or others that work with children. Most of the slideshow can also be shared with students and children between Pre-K and Grade 12.

For use with adult teachers - the first half of the slide show is for you! The second half can be used with both teachers and students!

Mindfulness in School slideshow covers:

1. Intro to mindfulness 
  • What is mindfulness
  • What is awareness
  • Types of mindfulness, examples, and context for each
2. Data, stats, and studies about mindfulness at school for educators and students
3. Personal Mindfulness Challenge (for educators)
4. Teaching Tips (hint, it gets less awkward with practice)
5. Mindfulness teaching tools and philosophies
  • How to optimize your space
  • Creating routines and choosing your timing
  • Creative ways to explain mindfulness

5. TONS of Mindfulness activities

  • 18 Mindfulness, breathing, and gentle movement activities with instructions and illustrations
What's included

47 slides, 18 activities

How to use

Display on a SmartBoard or screen on any device. Use repeatedly to learn mindfulness philosophy, teaching tools, activities, and data.

More info

Has been used with hundreds of staff, thousands of teachers worldwide.