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Self-Care, Yoga & Mindfulness Programs

Flow and Grow Kids Yoga offers a new series of workshops focused on self-care, yoga and mindfulness, for children ages 0 to 6 years, and for their parents and expecting parents, as well as for home visitors including grandparents and other caregivers in the home. Programming, starting at $175/hour, is bolstered by our unique curriculum and system. Participants leave our programs with the resources and tools to connect children with yoga and mindfulness, including our illustrated yoga cards, lesson plans and resources.

Budding and New Parents

Transform your days and nights as a new or expecting parent, and that of your newborn or toddler. In this workshop, you will learn prenatal poses meant to relieve the discomforts of pregnancy and gentle postpartum poses. In addition to infant holds that are good for the baby’s development and toddler poses, you will learn self-care and meditation techniques that will have a ripple effect onto your newborn and toddler.

Preschool and Pre-K Teacher

Preschoolers are energetic, rapidly changing and in need of direction, sensory input, and a safe container inside which to explore their growth and development. In this workshop you will learn to practice yoga poses and breathing techniques that will help them learn and grow--physically, mentally and emotionally.

Infant and Toddlers Teacher

Our babies and tots benefit from parents and caretakers taking care of themselves. They are emotional beings, and are tuned in
to emotions and energy that their caretakers exude. Learning to slow down and remain in a relaxed state allows the babies we
love to follow suit. We explore techniques to keep up with the ever-changing development of our littles, and learn to adapt our
practices along with them. 

Caregivers Supporting New Families

Transform your day and the days of those you are caring for! In this workshop, you will learn to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into your care-taking activities through prenatal poses that relieve the pain and tension associated with pregnancy, ways of resting, and passing on the care to the baby-to-be. We’ll cover gentle postpartum poses and infant holds that are good for the baby’s development and safe for their posture. Toddler poses are also covered.

Yoga in Homes

We can design a class that suits your family or child’s specific needs. Whether your child need help winding down at night, you all need to work on flexibility, or you want mindfulness to be part of your exercise routine, we can match you with the right instructor that works with your schedule.

  • Classes can be conducted in your own home or online 
  • We customize each experience for your kids needs and can integrate themes such as literacy, healthy bedtime habits, relaxation techniques, and more
  • Yoga consultations to create a yoga routine that works for your family

"We thought having our daughters practice yoga would be a great family activity and something they could take with them for the rest of their lives. When we found Flow and Grow Kids, it was a perfect fit. They were able to get both of our daughters engaged, including our 5 year old (not an easy feat!) and it has been a great family experience since.”
- Nicki S.

"The children love it. I believe it’s made such an impact with my students, in behavior, emotional development, academic learning, and social development. What a remarkable difference!”
— Judy

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