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Student Programming

Flow and Grow Kids Yoga offers classes and assemblies right to your classroom. We bring teachers on-site to educate children in yoga, mindfulness, and lifelong healthy habits. Classes can be designed to your school’s specific needs

Yoga and Mindfulness Programming

We provide yoga and mindfulness classes that are age appropriate, engaging, safe, and relaxing. Children will practice yoga through movement, balance, breath, relaxation music, and more. Our classes that are substantive and teach transferable life skills.

Classes for Students

  • Desk or mat-based yoga: at any time of the day. We travel to your classroom and teach using a blend of yoga and mindfulness. Classes are age appropriate. Early childhood uses a blend of storytelling, song singing, and repetitive activities to engage children and build confidence. For older children, through facilitated discussions and stories with real-life context, we help students understand the values of yoga and their relevance in daily life. Classes are inclusive, safe, appropriately challenging, and fun.
  • Yoga in gym class:use as a substitute for gym class or as a program to support your athletic programs
  • After school programs: mobilize students after a long day of sitting, reconnect with themselves, and transition into evening family time relaxed, rejuvenated, and inspired. 
  • Mindfulness and Brain Breaks:reach more students with rotating 15-30 minute during-the-school day visits

Pricing starts at $120/hour

"Our after school program has been working with Flow and Grow Yoga for several years now. Ms. Stephanie currently visits us once a week, providing classes to our students in pre-school through third grade. Stephanie brings warmth and energy to every class, and our students have benefited greatly from the program. Even our youngest students remain relaxed and focused throughout their practice. Many of our after school teachers also participate in the class, allowing them to connect with our students in a new, dynamic way."
– Maria H. 

School Assemblies

Does your student body need inspiration, tools for positive decision-making, and to get up and move? Are your students tired in the morning, getting too little sleep, and having trouble balancing school, family, and extracurricular with self-care? Our assemblies will get your student body breathing, moving, and learning about how to care for themselves. Each one comes with a professional PowerPoint and PDF handout with our beautifully-illustrated yoga cards and how-to instructions. Topics can be chosen from below. If you want a custom topic, additional fees apply.

Healthy Bedtime Habits

Learn about how much sleep students need, how to prepare the environment, mind, and body for a healthy night's rest. This workshops has a relaxing yoga sequence with calming mantras all designed to help students relax in their bodies and minds, put their devices down, and get a good night's sleep. This workshop handout comes with our signature Bedtime Yoga Sequence, Daily Practice Journals and activities to promote calming nights.

a balancing act

Students are presented the basics of mindfulness, safe technology use, and healthy eating. They are asked to think about how they spend their time and where they can make time for self-care, relaxation, and time to just be. This workshop handout comes with our Empowerment Yoga Sequence, Daily Practice Journals to build lifelong healthy habits, breathing activities, lots of information on mindfulness, healthy eating, and technology use.


This school assembly is our most popular! We ask students to consider kindness towards self, others (community), and the planet using the lens of yoga and mindfulness. We differentiate to the age range in attendance (from 3-year-olds to seniors in high school). Kindness is a natural deterrent to bullying. The handouts for this workshop include our Acts of Kindness Tree (for home use), a set of yoga cards with our seasonal yoga sequence, and a one-page Daily Practice Journal to promote building lifelong healthy habits.

My Body and me assembly

We live in our bodies our whole lives, yet so little of our attention is focused on noticing patterns between physical sensations and mood, focus, and posture. In this assembly, students dive into body awareness as we guide them to ask themselves questions, making mindful connections between how body parts may feel and how can we care for ourselves in response to noticing. As we breathe, move, and meditate, let’s learn about how the information our body provides us can inform our actions, which when repeated become our habits. When we learn how to pay attention to our body, we can take better care of ourselves. 

  • Pricing:$550 for one, $1000 for two, $1450 for three.
  • Assemblies can be scheduled within one year of purchase. Travel costs are associated.
  • Large group student workshops/assemblies can be done in little as 35 minutes and can last up to 75 minutes.
  • Can be done virtually, in auditoriums, gyms, large classrooms, or regular classrooms.

"King School had an amazing time with Lara! Our students were engaged and left buzzing about Lara’s kindness program. We will certainly be reaching out to book some more programs for next year! Thank you Lara!"
— S. Morris, King School

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