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“The children love it. I believe it’s made such an impact with my students - in behavior, emotional development, academic learning, and social development. What a remarkable difference!”

- Judy S.

Above and beyond!! I highly endorse and recommend Lara’s Flow & Grow Kid’s Yoga Teacher Certification course of 95 hours. You will go away with mega resources for teaching kids of all ages, grades and situations. You will go away connected to other Yoga teachers teaching children just like you and you will gain experience teaching children yoga. You will have the opportunity to watch videos of other teachers teaching children yoga. You will learn that there is a niche for you to teach yoga to children in your community. Get your certification and put yourself out there... the world needs more yoga! Kids and schools need more yoga. Your willingness to put yourself out there will be rewarded. I could not be prouder of myself for using this time of isolation and quarantine so constructively. Thank you Lara Hocheiser in Brooklyn, NY"

-Maureen Schiller, Retired Elementary School Teacher of 30 years in Canada.

"Hi Lara: I just had a need to join the conversation that took place at the end of A&P video three. I like many others are so covid exhausted. I have been at work for a few months now and keep hearing of a possible third lockdown! What keeps me going is doing this course. I find myself at work which is so different right now looking forward to coming home and joining the group! I love the interaction and follow along with the smaller groups. When you mentioned that your kids that you do classes with now are the highlight of your day, these classes are my highlight! Thanks for letting me go on!!!!!!!!!!"