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How to Integrate Mindfulness into the K-5 Classroom

Bring the power of mindfulness to your little ones, giving them the tools for a successful future.

Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop for Educators and their Students

Imagine a classroom that is regulated, calm and present. Made for elementary teachers, this workshop is meant to help you reduce stress and regulate your classroom through the power of mindfulness.

In this workshop, we will learn:

  • what is mindfulness, the benefits, and how to integrate mindfulness in the classroom
  • how to teach mindfulness in a safe, engaging and compassionate way 
  • how to develop your daily practice and extend this practice to your students
  • how to use the gradual release of responsibility to design your own academic year plan
  • -18 mindfulness activities perfect for elementary school-aged children

Participants receive our comprehensive manual, How to Integrate Mindfulness into the K-5 Classroom, made for educators helping contextualize the use of mindfulness in the classroom.

For Teachers, Counselors, and Specialists

Imagine an academic year where students and educators alike grow, learn more about themselves and others, integrating mindful activities seamlessly throughout the school day. When practiced daily, we see improved behavior outcomes, social skills and overall social-emotional development of students.

We work with teachers, clinicians, supportive staff members to develop a mindful culture, right in the classroom. Mindfulness helps children calm down, regulate emotions, and boosts attention and performance. Teachers and students will gain the wonderful benefits of building resilience and managing stress in the classroom and beyond!

Support your Tweens/Teens with Mindfulness

Mindfulness can help young children manage big emotions and stress. We can support our younger generation by providing them the tools to help with emotional regulation and cognitive focus. This workshop gives educators these tools to create a mindful classroom and foster personal growth in their students.

Who is this workshop for?

Teachers, Counselors, School Professionals from grades K-5

Teachers who are stressed. Mindfulness is proven to reduce teacher burnout and stress, which in turn makes for happier students and classrooms.

Teachers who are passionate about fostering growth in their students. Lead the next generation with compassion and kindness. Mindfulness can build a stronger generation.

Teachers who are looking to calm and regulate their classroom.We all know that tweens and teens can be energetic. How about directing that energy in a positive, caring manner so that students can learn in a calm, effective and present environment.

Workshop Details

The goal of our workshops are to impart in-depth training on our methodology of mindfulness. We believe in giving educators the tools which can be gradually released to students to form lifelong healthy habits.

  • On-site Workshops: we come to your schools and work with your educators through group activities and experiential learning. We offer 3-hour workshops which can be one-time or multiple-times throughout the school year.
  • Experiential Learning: we believe in creating hands-on activities, group activities, and facilitated discussions that your educators will learn from and have fun while doing. These activities can then be easily taught in the classroom and passed onto students.
  • Material Support: each workshop comes with handout material support, including a comprehensive manual with how-to instruction of mindful activities and a SmartBoard-friendly presentation educators can use with their students.

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