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Yoga Coloring Printable Book

What's included

Instant download coloring book

Features nine (9) yoga poses, easy for kids to do

8.5x11" letter size PDF that you can print at home or your local copy shop

How to use

The Yoga Coloring Book for Kids is an 11-page PDF download that you may view on your phone, tablet, orcomputer or print out onto paper. Print over and over for personal use!

More info

You have license to make copies of these color sheets for your students upon purchase.

Yoga Pose Coloring Sheets 

Kids Yoga Poses in this download:

  1. Sphinx
  2. Fish
  3. Child's pose
  4. Bound angle
  5. Legs on the wall
  6. Migrating Birds (airplane pose)
  7. Relaxation (savasana)
  8. Deer pose (warrior 1)

Printable Yoga Coloring Book, just for kids!

Color and learn nine (9) yoga poses just for kids! This printable coloring book includes nine (9) fun and invigorating yoga poses. Poses included are Sphinx, Fish, Child's Pose, Bound Angle, Legs on the Wall, Migrating Birds, Relaxation, and Deer. Color with crayons, colored pencils, markers, or pastels to express your creativity!