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Kid’s Growth Mindset Yoga Lesson Plan

Kids Yoga Lesson Plans 

A growth mindset is about working toward goals

Learn five kids' yoga poses!

A growth mindset is about admitting "I don't know...yet" or "I can't do it...yet," which helps us and the children we care for see that learning and skills are a process.

Keep trying. Notice frustration but remain steady and positive. This lesson plan is packed with tools to do just that.

Through coloring, poses, and affirmations, learn the yoga for growth mindset sequence of poses. 

  • Mountain Pose
  • Child's Pose
  • Warrior 2 Pose
  • Flower Pose
  • Tree Pose

Enjoy the following kid's yoga content:

  • Kids Yoga Cards
  • Kids Yoga Worksheets
  • Growth Mindset Mantras 
  • Coloring Sheets!

 How can a growth mindset, positive affirmations, and fun activities help your little ones learn and grow?

Grab the lesson plan today and see for yourself!

What's included

In this lesson plan, we include:

Yoga lesson plan with written instructions for children grades 1-6
Detailed instruction for breathing activities, yoga games, poses, and meditations
5 yoga cards you can print and cut out
Activity sheets including mantra cards and worksheets
Printable posters you can hang up

How to use

Use on smartboard or print. Print worksheets for kids. Enjoy in the classroom or yoga space.

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