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Yamas and Niyamas: Successful Relationships with Self & Others (ages 7-11)

What's included

Follow full lesson plans, which include discussion prompts to teach about each yoga philosophy term, providing context. Learn breathing and meditation activities, full yoga poses sequences (fully illustrated,) crafts for each lesson, and more!

48 pages
lesson plans
group chats
Flow and Grow Kids Yoga methodology

How to use

Read prior to teaching. Provide times to have the discussions. These can be part of the yoga class or separate. Learn SEL integrated yoga philopphy along with your students by participating in contextualized hypothetical situations kids can understand to learn how to live more peacefully, gratefully, and generously.

More info

Comprehensive lesson plans (10 total) for ages 7-11.

In yoga, the Yamas and Niyamas are a moral code of conduct—a guideline on how to live. Together the Yamas and Niyamas help us make careful decisions about how to think, speak, and behave. This foundational thinking prepares children to form healthy relationships with themselves and others.

Teach the Yamas and Niyamas to Kids

Yamas include five (5) guidelines that support how we become a good friend to others, the world, and ourselves. Niyamasdescribe the principles of being a good person. Through them, we build character and learn mindfulness and self-discipline so we can be good citizens in the world.

These lesson plans can be used as a complete yoga class following the FGKY teaching methodology or can be used in the home, easily adapted for the school classroom or clinical settings.

Lesson Plans that are easy-to-use for parents and teachers!

Using this 10-lesson unit, adults (parent, teacher, or clinician) can facilitate conversations, games, activities, and yoga experiences that give children concrete information about each of the Yamas and Niyamas. Each lesson has a beautifully illustrated yoga sequence, breathing/meditation exercises, arts and crafts projects, and instruction on leading a class!

Each of the 10 lessons introduces you to one of the Yamas or Niyamas and how to teach it to children ages 7-11, including:

  • group work or activity with facilitated questions and discussions

  • breathing exercises, meditations, and guided relaxations you can read out loud

  • beautifully illustrated yoga pose sequences

  • art projects with instructions for children to express themselves

Also included is:

  • 35 vividly illustrated yoga poses that can be used in a number of ways, such as self-teaching and memory games

  • Sun Salutation poster complete with poem and poses

The Yamas & Niyamas: Successful Relationships with Self & Others (ages 7-11)comprehensive lesson plan contains 10 units and 48 pages. It is a PDF download that you can view on your phone, tablet, or computer, or print out onto paper. The lesson unit helps children learn the concepts of the yoga philosophy, the context for the Yamas and Niyamas in everyday life, and how to incorporate these values at school, in sports, and at home.