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"The Napping House" Literacy Integration Lesson Plan

Make reading fun with yoga!

Kids Yoga Poses and a Classic Storytime Favorite!

Benefits of this kid's yoga lesson plan

  • Learn to teach children yoga poses.
  • Create a cohesive yoga experience, including poses, a literacy lesson plan, crafts, coloring, and more.
  • Feel confident in your lesson plan
  • Get inspired 

This lesson plan is designed for kids ages 4-10

Poses: gate pose, house pose (partner pose), reverse table pose, hero pose, child's pose, dog pose, cat pose, happy baby

The Napping HouseLiteracy Integration is a 14-page PDF download that you can view on your phone, tablet, computer, or print to paper. The download includes worksheets you can make copies of to bring the story to life and expand the themes.
What's included

14 page printable PDF

This download includes a list of yoga poses, props, and key themes related to the story.

Story script to read along with The Napping House

Guided relaxation, meditation script, crafts, and group activities

The Napping House yoga sequence poster, with nine (9) poses

You get coloring pages, a lesson plan with detailed instructions that follow the book, activities, yoga pose illustrations in the lesson plan, and larger illustrations you can print, make copies for children, or simply show on the page or screen.

How to use

Read along to the book 'The Napping House'.
Teach and practice the poses.
Read the book again, integrating the postures from the lesson plan, repeating them, and building the sequence.
Have the kids look for patterns.
Help children memorize the words.

You can print or show it on a screen or smartboard

More info

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 Q: Does it come with the book?
A: No, you'll need a copy of the story.
Q: How should I use this lesson plan?
A: You can do the poses before you read, as you read each page, or once you are done reading. Go slowly and repeat the poses. My favorite is to do each pose per page as you read. It becomes a moving meditation.

Move and breathe through a childhood classic. The Napping House by Don and Audrey Wood has been a favorite story in my classes for years, and with a librarian’s suggestion, I brought it to life through yoga for the first time in 2012. Now accompanied by our beautiful illustrations, we can use this yoga sequence to promote a lifelong love of learning, reading, and healthy habits.