"The Napping House" Literacy Integration Lesson Plan
"The Napping House" Literacy Integration Lesson Plan
"The Napping House" Literacy Integration Lesson Plan
"The Napping House" Literacy Integration Lesson Plan

"The Napping House" Literacy Integration Lesson Plan

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Digital Download: This is a PDF digital resource which will be available for download upon purchase!

Move and breathe through a childhood classic. The Napping House by Don and Audrey Wood has been a favorite story in my classes for years, and with a librarian’s suggestion, I brought it to life through yoga for the first time in 2012. Now accompanied by our beautiful illustrations, we can use this yoga sequence to promote a lifelong love of learning, reading, and healthy habits.

Make reading fun with yoga!

Each of the characters in the story is paired with a yoga pose, and each page adds another character in order. As the sequence builds, the poses come together in a beautiful flow. Do the poses as you read, or read and then do the poses—whatever feels the best to you. The best part for me in all the years of doing this is it's fun for everyone and the predictability of the sequence improves participation.

This lesson plan is a perfect resource for teachers, parents or anyone that loves kids that want to bring this classic story to life with movement. We’ve included a story script and a list of poses so children can learn the yoga sequence.

This lesson plan is designed for kids ages 4-10 and includes:

  • List of yoga poses, props and key themes that relate to the story

  • Story script to read along with The Napping House

  • Guided relaxation, meditation script, crafts, and group activities

  • The Napping House yoga sequence poster, with nine (9) poses

The Napping House Literacy Integration is a 14-page PDF download that you can view on your phone, tablet, computer or print to paper. The download includes worksheets you can make copies of to bring the story to life and expand the themes. 

    About our Literacy Integrations

    We love to connect literacy and movement. By combining storytime and yoga, children can develop reading skills while gaining the physical and social-emotional benefits of yoga and mindfulness. With a book and yoga mat, children can experience a new and fun way to learn while moving.

    Our lesson plans include yoga sequences that can be infused while you are reading story out loud. Also included are extension activities, such as coloring pages, breathing exercises, mindfulness activities and crafts to get creative. We hope that our Literacy Integrations inspire your little ones to love reading and moving!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Stacy Flake
    Wonderful book! With many yoga poses in it!

    Kids loved me reading it to them while doing the various poses that went along with the story!

    Jennifer Clarkson-smith
    The Napping House Literacy Integration Plan

    A delightful way to incorporate yoga poses and mindful practices into a classic early childhood story!

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