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Let’s Make Shapes! Yoga and Mindfulness

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Make shapes fun with yoga!

Can I tell you what a blast my students, ages 3-6, had with this unit in camp? We were searching the room for the shapes from each pose. We found dozens of shapes. The tables were circles. The doors were rectangles. The tiles were squares. Everyone was elated. Children that never speak were counting the sides of each shape in their mother tongue, feeling so proud. The lesson took on a life of its own. The children were talking about shapes the next time I saw them. They INSISTED we do the lesson again!

Shapes are all around us, and we can even make shapes with our bodies. Enjoy this fun activity our founder has been doing in classes since 2009! For years I’ve taught this class to toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. It’s the perfect way to get kids excited about math and shapes!

Activity Packet, Worksheets, & Detailed How-To Yoga Poses

Use this activity packet to inspire little ones to explore the world around us with math and shapes. Learn how to teach children six (6) shape yoga poses with our detailed instruction, written just for kids! Also included are breathing exercises, mindfulness activities, crafts, and yoga cards and games.

Print or display our yoga cards and ask kids, ‘how many sides does this shape have?’ Go through the activities in the packet as a yoga class or at home as individual activities. This activity packet is perfect for educators, parents, clinicians or camp/community groups.

This activity packet includes:

  • Yoga pose cards for six (6) shapes and games to play

  • Detailed instruction for the yoga poses, written for kids

  • Facilitated discussion prompts, breathing exercises and a mindfulness activity

  • Crafts and coloring pages related to shapes

  • Shapes Yoga poster


Let’s Make Shapes! is a 17-page PDF download that you can view on your phone, tablet, computer or print to paper. We recommend you print the cards on card stock in color and laminate for durability.

Feel free to make copies of the cards for the children. If you are working with more than a few groups or want a schoolwide license, please contact us for pricing.