My Yoga Workbook: Mindful Bedtime Habits
Kid Yoga Workbook with Coloring Pages
Yoga Cards for Mindful Bedtime

My Yoga Workbook: Mindful Bedtime Habits

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Bring the power of yoga and mindfulness to kids' bedtime routine with My Yoga Workbook: Mindful Bedtime Habits.

Imagine a world where every child turned down the lights, put on their pajamas, and got in the mood to relax. No more fights about bedtime. No more overstimulation. Simply gentle, purposeful rest time to get the mind and body in the mood to relax.

Filled with beautiful illustrations, yoga poses, and coloring pages, My Yoga Workbook: Mindful Bedtime Habits will transform children’s and family’s relationships with bedtime and sleep. Cueing the body for rest with gentle and mindful movement, coloring, and other relaxing activities, nighttime will become something everyone looks forward to.

My Yoga Workbook: Mindful Bedtime Habits is an enriching workbook filled with yoga, mindfulness exercises, coloring pages and activities that kids can use during their bedtime routine.

By: Lara Hocheiser and Nafeeza Hassan
Recommended Age:
 5-12 years
ISBN-10: 1684181453
Pages: 70

Customer Reviews

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Amber Knight
Great Quiet Activity

This is great before nap or bedtime. It gives you time to connect and begin to quiet down from the day and reflect. We love to bring this out if we are having trouble settling or we wanted a special activity before bed.

Best Book Ever

Such a wonderful gift for young ones (and resource for parents/educators), love the yoga cards and activities to encourage a calm and mindful bedtime! Wonderful journal to help encourage healthy habits and great visuals for children. Nice book for caregivers and children to work on together, promotes quality time and electronic free bedtime!

ChildLight Yoga
A must-have resource for parents, educators and children's yoga/mindfulness teachers!

Integrating interactive yoga, literacy and reflection activities, Flow and Grow Kids Yoga has created an engaging, child-friendly workbook to support restful sleep while helping children develop self-awareness and self-regulation skills. A true gift for parents and children, My Yoga Workbook: Healthy Bedtime Habits is also a must-have resource for health educators and children's yoga and mindfulness teachers. Highly recommended!