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My Yoga Workbook: Mindful Bedtime Habits

What's included

A workbook with 6 poses and many many fun activities including mazes, mandalas, ad libs, connect the dots and more.

How to use

Read through or look at images for inspiration. Color in coloring pages, practice poses, do fill in the blank and coloring exercises, and learn to meditation and rest.

More info

For children ages 3-10. Best with an adult before reading age.

Bring the power of yoga and mindfulness to kids' bedtime routine with My Yoga Workbook: Mindful Bedtime Habits.

Imagine a world where every child turned down the lights, put on their pajamas, and got in the mood to relax. No more fights about bedtime. No more overstimulation. Simply gentle, purposeful rest time to get the mind and body in the mood to relax.

Filled with beautiful illustrations, yoga poses, and coloring pages, My Yoga Workbook: Mindful Bedtime Habits will transform children’s and family’s relationships with bedtime and sleep. Cueing the body for rest with gentle and mindful movement, coloring, and other relaxing activities, nighttime will become something everyone looks forward to.

My Yoga Workbook: Mindful Bedtime Habits is an enriching workbook filled with yoga, mindfulness exercises, coloring pages and activities that kids can use during their bedtime routine.

By:Lara Hocheiser and Nafeeza Hassan
Recommended Age:
 5-12 years
ISBN-10: 1684181453
Pages: 70