Remember to lead with breath and kindness. Inhale, exhale.


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Mindful Moments Printable Cards

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When do you have a moment to include mindfulness in your day?

All you need is a few minutes.

Mindfulness every day gives you the wonderful benefits of feeling calm and present. We can gain more control over our emotions and decision-making. Mindfulness can help us to appreciate each of life’s small moments, too.

Use our Mindful Moments cards to teach the children in your life how to manage their emotions and be present. Give them the tools to develop their own mindfulness practice and form lifelong healthy habits.

Blended with breathing, light movement, reflection, and gratitude, these cards empower little ones to become calm, confident and relaxed.

Mindfulness can help children:

  • Get in touch with their inner thoughts and feelings
  • Improve focus, concentration and decision-making skills
  • Boost confidence and overall well-being
  • Lower stress and anxiety in this busy world

Discover the benefits of mindfulness at an early age. Research shows that mindfulness at an early age can improve executive functions in their brain like cognitive control, working memory, cognitive flexibility, and better grades.

Printable Mindfulness Cards for Children

Print and cut out our six Mindful Moment cards and use them in the classroom, yoga studio, or at home! Also included are written instructions for kids, giving cues for children to correctly practice each mindful activity.

Suggestions for use:

  • Shuffle and pick a mindful card
  • Place in your Peace Corner
  • Pass out cards before or after class as a break or transitional activity
  • Put them in a jar 
  • Give as a greeting card
  • Add to your morning or bedtime routine
  • Share with family, friends, and coworkers

Whether you are a parent practicing yoga with your child, an educator or therapist, or a kids yoga teacher, this is the perfect resource for children to build their own mindfulness practice. Use these cards as warm-up activities, brain breaks, transitions between activities, or simply as an exercise sequence.

This packet includes:

  • Six (6) printable Mindful Moment cards
  • How-to instruction for each activity, written for kids  
  • Tips for mindfulness
  • Star Tracing poster

Mindful Moments Cards is a 12 page PDF download that you can view on your phone, tablet, computer or print to paper.

You can also find these cards and more mindfulness activities in our resource for K-5 teachers, How to Integrate Mindfulness into the K-5 Classroom. Explore how mindfulness can improve self-regulation, self-awareness, autonomy, and social awareness in the classroom. Blended with proven research and best practices, this manual contains tools enabling teachers and students to build key skills like focus, compassion, and self-acceptance through mindfulness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Courtney T
Star breathing is a hit

Thank you for this great resource! My students especially love star breathing!

Stacie W.
Great for 5th grade

I use this as a strategy in my calm down corner where students can self assess and take a moment when needed! Great resource!

Gillian Chimera-Stass
Looking forward to using these in classrooms in September

We are creating tool boxes for classrooms to help children and teachers manage their emotions when we return to school. I love the fact that these are already in a "card form" that a child could hold and look at while using them. It's perfect. We were going to make our own but this is better.