Empower and Calm Bundle
Empower and Calm Bundle
Student Workbook
Explore the body parts with yoga!
Empowerment Yoga Lesson Plans
Printable yoga cards for kids: Empowerment Series
Time for Me Yoga Cards for Kids
Time for Me Yoga Poster for Kids

What's Included?

  • My Body Lesson Plan: comprehensive Teacher’s Manual and accompanying Student Workbook aimed at developing self-awareness while strengthening our bodies.
  • Empowerment Sequence Yoga Cards and Lesson Plans: three lesson plans and a yoga card deck to feel empowered and help children develop a positive self-image. (Our most popular lesson plan ever!!)
  • Time for Me: Calming Yoga Cards: calming yoga card deck to encourage children to slow down and manage big emotions. (Fewer words, more calm!)

Empower and Calm Teacher Bundle


Digital Download: This is a PDF digital resource which will be available for download upon purchase!

What if kids could learn mindfulness and emotional regulation through yoga?

This question inspired us to create our Empower and Calm Teacher Bundle. Imagine giving kids the tools of yoga and mindfulness to regulate their emotions, grow confidence, and build decision-making skills. And getting exercise while doing it!

Give your students the tools to exercise and check-in with their mind and body.

Social-emotional learning and self-awareness can be learned using this product. Think of the responsible decisions children can begin to make when we help them connect the dots inward and outward.

With this bundle, children will gain the benefits of yoga and mindfulness while learning about the importance of body awareness and how to manage big emotions.

This bundle includes three (3) yoga units and two (2) yoga card decks geared at empowering, energizing, and strengthening our bodies and minds.

Our yoga lesson plans give the tools to facilitate conversations, games, activities, and yoga experiences to kids of all ages. Use our beautifully-illustrated yoga cards as a visual aid to teach children the yoga poses. Each yoga pose and activity have how-to instruction, written for children.

This bundle is a PDF download which you can view on your phone, tablet, computer or print out onto paper.

This bundle comes with lesson plans, cards, and a student workbook!

"My Body" Yoga Lesson Plan & Student Workbook
"My Body" Yoga Lesson Plan & Student Workbook
"My Body" Yoga Lesson Plan & Student Workbook
"My Body" Yoga Lesson Plan & Student Workbook
"My Body" Yoga Lesson Plan & Student Workbook
"My Body" Yoga Lesson Plan & Student Workbook

"My Body" Lesson Plan

"My Body" Lesson Plan gives you everything you need to confidently teach 10 lessons about different body parts. Students will become more aware of their bodies as you guide them to make mindful connections between how body parts may feel and how can we care for ourselves.

Give each student a Student Workbook to learn along and mindfully journal about their experiences. Over time, kids will learn body awareness, self-regulation techniques, and decision-making skills. Imagine your kids regulating big emotions, reducing classroom distractions. Story: I had a student who felt anxious, understood their emotion, and then used the breathing exercises found in this resource.

We also included a presentation, perfect for SmartBoard use and a Yoga Pose Index booklet so you can effectively and confidently teach kids the yoga poses with visual aid. 

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Empowerment Sequence Yoga Cards and Lesson Plans
Empowerment Sequence Yoga Cards and Lesson Plans
Empowerment Sequence Yoga Cards and Lesson Plans

Empowerment Lesson Plans & Yoga Cards

We invite children to try our empowering yoga sequence consisting of six poses, one breathing exercise, and supporting mantras to either be spoken aloud or to yourself. When done regularly, this sequence can help students develop a positive self-image, feel empowered, and prepared to face each school day with confidence.

We provide 3 easy-to-follow lesson plans for teachers, parents, and anyone else that works with children (for ages 2-7, 7-11, and tween/teen). Each lesson plan is formatted to teach an entire class, using the Flow and Grow Kids Yoga teaching methodology. Lessons include discussion prompts, group activities, yoga movement, guided relaxations, crafts, and coloring pages.

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Time for Me: Calming Yoga Cards
Time for Me: Calming Yoga Cards
Time for Me: Calming Yoga Cards
Time for Me: Calming Yoga Cards

Time for Me Yoga Cards

Introducing our Time for Me Printable Yoga Cards. Discover five (5) calming yoga poses. Use these poses to encourage children to slow down and take care of themselves. With calming and soothing poses, children can learn to manage big emotions. Together, you’ll enjoy the calming benefits of yoga, which can help your kids with anxiety and stress. 

Print and cut out the yoga cards and use them in the classroom, yoga studio, or at home! Our beautifully-illustrated cards are perfect for promoting movement, mindfulness, and fun. Also included are written instructions for kids, giving cues for children to correctly practice the pose.

Whether you are a parent practicing yoga with your child, an educator or therapist, or a kids yoga teacher, this is the perfect resource for children to build their own yoga and mindfulness practice. Use these cards as warm-up activities, brain breaks, transitions between activities, or simply as an exercise sequence.

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Why yoga and body awareness?

For those who have or work with kids know that they are full of big emotions and aren't afraid to display it. Often, kids may not be able to recognize the big emotions they are feeling. Instead, they become anxious, frustrated or angry.

What if yoga and mindfulness could teach our little ones about their emotions? This bundle gives kids the tools to develop body awareness through yoga, mindfulness, and group activities.

With this bundle, kids will:
- Learn about body awareness
- Tone and isolate muscles with our yoga sequences
- Gain the benefits of journaling and reflection
- Explore how to connect breath with movement
- Learn self-regulation techniques to deal with big emotions
- Develop a yoga practice
- Have fun!