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Bedtime Yoga Cards and Printable Coloring Book for Kids

What's included

This packet includes:
Five (5) printable yoga cards
How-to instruction for each activity, written for kids
Twelve (12) coloring pages
Journaling pages with prompts for kids
Bedtime Yoga is a 31 page PDF download that you can view on your phone, tablet, computer or print to paper.

How to use

Print or view on screen. Create a bedtime routine with children. Follow guided questions and instructions or use in a practical way for your kiddos.

More info

Create a relaxing and cozy bedtime ritual with yoga. 
Did you know many children are not getting enough hours of sleep at night? This can lead to mood problems, academic challenges, fatigue, and a host of other issues at home and school.

Bedtime yoga is a relaxing option to help children wind down so they can get a good night's rest. With yoga, children can shift their focus from daily stress to calming yoga poses, breath, and mindfulness. 

Use these our bedtime yoga cards to create a calming bedtime routine that kids will love. Yoga before bed can help kids wind down, reflect on their day, and prepare them for a good night's rest.

Printable Bedtime Yoga Cards

Having a mindful bedtime routine is so important. As a family, start a new tradition, together:

  • Change into cozy clothes after dinner
  • Turn down the lights
  • Put on gentle music or let it get quiet
  • Clean up your space to avoid distractions
  • Put away all electronic devices for the night 
  • Together or alone, enjoy these yoga poses

Tips for Bedtime Yoga:

  1. Breathe deeply
  2. Move slowly
  3. Do each pose for 1-2 minutes if that feels good
  4. Brush your teeth and go to bed when you're finished

Notice how you feel when you are well-rested.

Make observations together as a family when you notice what having a good night of sleep can do for you.

Bedtime Coloring Pages

If kids are still feeling restless, use the coloring sheets as another activity to help them wind down for the night. We've included twelve bedtime-themed Yoga coloring pages that will promote mindfulness and creativity.