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Let’s Make Shapes! Yoga and Mindfulness

What's included

Learn how to teach children six (6) shape yoga poses with our detailed instruction, written just for kids! Also included are breathing exercises, mindfulness activities, crafts, yoga cards, and games.

Six yoga pose cards
The poster includes all poses
Coloring and craft activities
Mindfulness activities (start tracing)

How to use

Print or view on screen.
Cut out cards and for best results, laminate.

More info

Use this activity packet to inspire little ones to explore the world around them with math and shapes. 

Print or display our yoga cards and ask kids, ‘How many sides does this shape have?’ Go through the activities in the packet as a yoga class or at home as individual activities.

Yoga Shapes  Lesson Plan and Cards

Yoga poses Included:

  •  Bound angle/diamond pose
  • Triangle pose
  • Tabletop pose/square pose
  • Reverse table/ rectangle pose
  • Mountain pose/line pose,
  • Easy seat/circle pose


This activity packet is perfect for educators, parents, clinicians, or camp/community groups.