Self Care for Children

Give children the tools to form lifelong healthy habits that will see them into adulthood

Winter 2021: April 13, 15 | 5:00-8:00 PM EDT
Summer 2021:June 30, July 1 from 11:00-2:00
Fall 2021:October 12, 14, 5-8 pm EDT


Teaching children to care for themselves is one of the cornerstones of children's yoga.

Imagine giving children the tools to form lifelong healthy habits that they can benefit from in their adulthood. Self care will help kids identify their physical and emotional needs and begin to take care of them, before big emotions get in the way. Self care gives kids the tools to become more independent so they can problem solve or assess what their needs are.

According to Parents, instilling self-care habits from a young age can help kids manage future life stressors and reach their full potential while reducing the risk of developing mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

The best self care habits for kids are those that can be practiced regularly and support a healthy lifestyle. Our online course, Self Care for Children teaches you the importance of self care and techniques you can directly teach children.

Join Lara Hocheiser for a 2-evening course on Tuesdays as we explore:
- What self care is and the benefits
- How to explain self care to children of all ages
- How to use the Gradual Release of Responsibility to empower kids to learn and teach themselves 
- The importance of developing self care routines
- Kid-appropriate self care activities such as meditations, breaths, and relaxation techniques

Self Care is made up:
- Self-awareness
- Practices
- Journaling/tracking (optional, but effective)
- Caring for relationships
- Managing schedules
- Relationships with technology

Let's do a deep dive into each of the above topics to learn practical, everyday self-care we can share with the children in our lives.

Help the children in your lives find ways to manage stress, find balance, and take care of themselves independently. 

Course Details

2 evening sessions (6 hour total course)

April 13, 15 5:00-8:00 PM EDT

Time: 5:00pm-8:00pm EST
Instructor: Lara Hocheiser

You will receive:
- Video recordings of both sessions
- Self Care for Children manual, specially made for this course, provides information about self care and instructions for all activities learned. Comes with activities and worksheets for children
- "My Body" Lesson Plan, focusing on body awareness and self care. Comes with a teacher's manual, student workbook, pose index, and presentation ($60 value!) 

We keep our courses personal and intimate, so you can get the most out of it. Space is limited, so register for it today!

Can't make our live classes? Register for our online-only option to get recordings of the classes. Hours still apply for your RCYT and you will get direct feedback from Lara if you have any questions about the course!



Our Vision

Because teaching children’s yoga is much more than yoga poses, we see this course as a pathway to mature as an educator, parent, instructor, counselor, or whatever role you hold or plan to hold. Go beyond the poses by incorporating mindfulness, self-reflection and self-inquiry, art, meditation, positive self-talk, relaxation, student-lead programming, and more.