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How to Integrate Mindfulness into the K-5 Classroom

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Imagine an academic year where students and educators alike grow, learn more about themselves and others, integrating mindful activities seamlessly throughout the school day. 

Imagine a classroom that is regulated, calm and present. 

Everything you need in one product. 

When practiced regularly, witness improved behavior outcomes, social skills, and overall social-emotional development of students.

We know you don’t want to have to learn another initiative.

We know you want something that works.

We know you don’t have a lot of time to spare.

Believe me, working in schools the past 17 years has taught me that educators need proven techniques that they can use simply.

We have your back and we understand the pressures of time, testing, busyness, distraction, and stress!

If you can do a little each day for yourself and your class, you will see the shift happen.

What does the shift look like?

It's returning to focus with less drama and emotional outbursts.

It’s putting a pause between impulse and action...in other words, self-control.

It’s freeing up your time from behavior management to connect with students.

It's easier transitions.

It’s learning along with your students, growing together.

It's your students feeling your love and presence.

How to Integrate Mindfulness into the K-5 Classroom is a comprehensive and practical mindfulness resource written specifically for children in grades K-5 and their teachers. Explore how mindfulness can improve self-regulation, self-awareness, autonomy, and social awareness in the classroom. Blended with proven research and best practices, this manual contains tools enabling teachers and students to build key skills like focus, compassion, and self-acceptance through mindfulness. 

Reduce Stress and Anxiety in the Classroom

Research has shown positive outcomes when we practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is proven to reduce stress and anxiety in both teachers and students alike. In the classroom, mindfulness promotes calmer students and improves both social-emotional and academic learning. 

Teachers using our resources have reported better class management and happier students! Students will be given the tools to develop their own mindfulness practice, empowering their development and relationship with themselves and others. Commit to practice mindful moments throughout the school year and watch your students grow.

Learning and Teaching Mindfulness

Developing a mindfulness practice takes time. With the proper resources, such as this manual, teachers can develop their own practice while learning how to teach mindfulness to children. This resource gives you the ability to build a mindfulness culture, right in the classroom, along with the students!

In this manual, we cover:

  • What is mindfulness
  • How to establish your own mindfulness practice
  • How to integrate mindfulness into the K-5 classroom
  • A method for developing your daily practice and extend this practice to your students
  • How to teach mindfulness activities in a safe, engaging and compassionate way
  • Use of the gradual release of responsibility
  • 18 mindfulness activities
  • Tips and good times for each activity

Teachers, school counselors, specialists, and social workers can use this resource as part of their daily classroom lessons and/or social-emotional curriculum. Learn eighteen mindfulness activities that can be easily integrated into your school day–as brain breaks, transitional activities, or daily lessons. Use our printable mindfulness yoga cards to practice activities at any time, at any place!

What’s included:

  • What is mindfulness and how to teach mindfulness
  • 18 mindfulness activities with instructions, written for kids (K-5)
  • 6 mindfulness cards
  • 5 mindfulness planners and worksheets perfect for classroom and daily practice planning
  • 2 mindfulness activity posters
  • 1 worksheet

How to Integrate Mindfulness into the K-5 Classroom is a 44-page PDF made for educators helping contextualize the use of 18 mindfulness activities in the classroom. You can view this PDF on your phone, tablet, computer or print to paper.

Want to teach this content to other educators?

If you want to present this as professional development or share with other educators, you must complete the 4-hour private online training to become certified to share this. Schools agree to pay the licensing fee to use the content. Discounts are available for schools on a case by case basis. Please contact us for more information. 

Licensing Pricing

License is good for educators teaching their students and does not cover educators training other educators. Educators are required to take our training course online as stated above.

  • Individual license: $175 (sale $99)
  • 2-5 educators: $100/person (sale $75/each)
  • 5-10 educators:  $80/person (sale $60/each)
  • 11-20 educators: $65/person (sale $50/each)
  • 21-50 educators: $55/person (sale $40/each)

Training to certify to teach to other educators, $450, including 4-hour private training, and the schools sign a licensing and fee agreement base on the above licensing fee structure.

Excited about the content but need extra support?

Let us help you go through the handout and familiarize yourself with each activity.

Let’s talk about your school and your plans and your students to make this work for YOU!

The private training is perfect for those looking to gain these skills starting from any point! Beginners or regular practitioners alike, join us and help roll out your most mindful year yet.

Private 4-hour online training with the author AND license to content $450 (valued at $700)

Schedule 2x 2-hour calls with Lara to go over the process, methodology, and activities and ask questions. Receive the recordings.

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